Silverlake Mobility Lifestyle Ecosystem Backbone (MLEB) is a universal digital enabling platform for the enterprise system and facilitate reusability of commonly used sub-systems and applications. MLEB is incorporating the latest digital technologies to create value added services and encapsulate powerful development tools for rapid application prototyping and development.

MLEB Suite of FinTech Solutions

The universal digital platform.

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Solutions By Industry

Banking Industry

MLEB Lifestyle Banking Application has a broad spectrum of services, from key transactional services which is the foundation of all Mobile Banking solutions to innovative value added services.

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Insurance Industry

Our eReward application offers all-in-one platform on digital rewards, give the favour of choices to business in the journey of customer engagement. The health and fitness application promotes healthy living lifestyle, resulting in increasing user bonding and reducing insurance claims.

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Airline Industry

Our crew management mobile application empowers crews with pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight services in performing daily operation efficiently.

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