Company Profile

Silverlake Mobility Ecosystem Sdn. Bhd (Silverlake), an MSC status company, is established in Malaysia and it is a member of the Silverlake group. The core business is focusing on new innovative software products and services for the new culture of high mobility lifestyle, and on advance & innovative digital enablement services to cater to the demand of dynamic and ever evolving mobility society that is core to every industry. We called this “new community with highly mobility lifestyle & culture”, the new “Mobility Lifestyle Ecosystem “.

With the growing numbers of digital native users, Silverlake is well position to lead the transformation of business-to-consumer (B2C) relationships with anytime anywhere services to improve convenience and loyalty; business-to-business (B2B) mobile applications to enhance supply chain efficiencies; business-to-employee (B2E) mobility initiatives to drive workforce productivity and accessibility; and customer-to-customer (C2C) markets provide an innovative way to allow customers to interact with each other. In C2C markets, the business facilitates an environment where customers can sell goods or services to each other.

Silverlake believes in establishing a cohesive mobile presence as we recognize that mobility development activities are occurring in multiple silos across enterprises with no central coordination and strategy. Our approach to mobility enhances organizations’ ability to deliver cutting-edge, advance mobile offerings that respond to the needs of our customers and simplify connectivity in a myriad of heterogeneous network environment. Above and beyond, it orchestrates an end-to-end user experience and engagement from multiple user entry points.

Our Patented Technologies

Silverlake Mobility Ecosystem Sdn Bhd had been granted with patents from various countries.

1. Method of Processing Requests for Digital Services

Country : Singapore
Patent No : 11201502776X
Date of Patent : 29-Jun-2016

Country : US
Patent No : US 9,450,936 B2
Date of Patent : 20-Sep-2016

Country : Japan
Patent No : 6067132
Date of Patent : 6-Jan-2017

Country : Australia
Patent No : 2012393609
Date of Patent : 28-Jul-2017

Country : Indonesia
Patent No : IDP000051647
Date of Patent : 9-Jul-2018

Country : Philippines
Patent No : 1/2015/500798
Date of Patent : 2-Mar-2018

Country : Korea
Patent No : 10-2010624
Date of Patent : 7-Aug-2019

Country : China
Patent No : ZL2012800767690
Date of Patent : 3-Sep-2019

2. Method of Pairing Mobile Devices

Country : South Africa
Patent No : 2015/01082
Date of Patent : 23-Dec-2015

Country : Singapore
Patent No : 11201501436U
Date of Patent : 19-Jan-2016

Country : US
Patent No : US 9,363,661 B2
Date of Patent : 7-Jun-2016

Country : Korea
Patent No : 10-1681436
Date of Patent : 24-Nov-2016

Country : Australia
Patent No : 2012388842
Date of Patent : 20-Jun-2017

Country : Japan
Patent No : 6173460
Date of Patent : 14-Jul-2017

Country : Sri Lanka
Patent No : 18130
Date of Patent : 22-Sep-2017

Country : Philippines
Patent No : 1/2015/500338
Date of Patent : 8-May-2018

Country : Europe
Patent No : 2891354
Date of Patent : 10-Oct-2018

Country : Indonesia
Patent No : IDP000055062
Date of Patent : 6-Dec-2018

Country : China
Patent No : ZL2012800754385
Date of Patent : 12-Apr-2019

Our Technology Partners

We work with leading edge technology partners in the industry to deliver the best of breed products and services. Our trusted partners have enable us to assist our customers in their quest to fulfill the organizational digital transformation journey.